Hello,and welcome to my blog. In this blog i am going to write about different subjects and my opinions about them. Todays subject is the UN (Unition Nations) goals for a better world.

In septemper 25th 2015 UN sat 17 goals for the world. Each one of the goals has a spesific purpose for the world.  For example: end poverty, zero hunger, qaulity education and more. All of theese goals are of course importent, but i think qaulity education ist he most importent. Just think about it. To end hunger we need money and to get money you need a good job, witch means you need a good education. Thats why its so importent to get a quality education. Some of the reasons why so many people in poor countries dont have jobs is because they dont have money to go to school, or they dont have a school in their area.

To reach this goal i belive that we have to build more schools in poor countries and make school cheaper or free. To get money for this i the countries have to donate money to build schools. This is of course not easy or cheap, but it is very importent for theese countries future.


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