Review of the documentary “Girl rising”

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to write about the documentary “Girl Rising”. The documentary is directed by Richard Robbins and was realised in 2013. The documentary is about nine different girls, which share they strong stories in the documentary.

The story that clearly made the biggest impression on me was Amina from Afghanistan. She is living under horrible conditions. Afghanistan is extremely men dominated and most girls are not allowed to go to school. Those girls, who do go to school, are beaten, shot or poisoned. When Amina was 11 years old she was married to a man for 250 000 afghanises (5000 dollars). The money the family got from Amina where spend on a used car for her brother. She had to give birth to a child at very young age. She was lucky to survive. It is unbelievable that a girl’s life is so little worth.

I think this is a good phrase because it is true. As the documentary showed, some of the girls who had the courage to fight the system did actually succeed and where allowed to go to the school. But it is also extremely sad that these poor girls have to go through so much fighting, just to be able to go to school and get their education like the boys.

Yes, I did. The stories that these girls told where so strong and unbelievable. The documentary made me more aware that people like these nine girls are actually living under so much unfairness and poverty. I really hope that one day girls all over the world will get the rights they deserve.

No, I cannot even imagine how much pain these girls are going through, because I have lived a good life with no pain.

The message I think is that we should never take anything for granted and that to educate a girl is an good investment.


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