My Reflections About The International Day

The goal for this project is to cause awareness for the big oil disaster in Nigeria. Students will learn how people live in Nigeria, what caused all this and how we can help.

I chose to be in the FN-sambandet room and the sammfunsfag room. I was signed up for the Lab-room, but i was moved to sammfunsfag. We hang up some posters around the school to cause some awareness and inform the students of Fagerlia.

I written my name on a google dox document on the room I wanted to help in. For preparation, I read about what topics the room was going to have, and read more about the organisation FN-sambandet.

I chose to inform with a poster, because then everyone that is walking by will have chance to read about this day and the topic.

The process was that all classes got a list with different rooms they had to go to. We also had some spear time we could go to the rooms we wanted.

I think is good to have a day like this, because it can teach students about different problems around the world. However, many students did not go to any rooms at all. They just sat in the cafeteria or the library all day so maybe there is a potential of improvement.

The international day turned out to be an interesting day. I learned a lot about Nigeria and the people living there. To be honest, I did not do much to prepare myself other than read a little bit about the rooms and made posters. The leaders of the rooms did not need much help and they did not even know we should be there to help.


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