My Thoughts About The Movie “Gran Torino”

Understanding different cultures than our own can be hard sometimes. I think that most of the conflicts between cultures is because they do not understand the different cultures.

In the movie “Gran Torino”, we meet Walt who is an old American man. He was old and lonely after his wife died. His family did not care for him. Walt was very old fashion and he did not like all the new changes in his multicultural neighbourhood. He was racist against his neighbours, but when he actually got to know the Hmong people, he become more understanding about the problems they are facing. Sue teaches Walt about their culture and Walt realises that he have more in common with the Hmong people, than his own “rotten” family as he says.

Thao and Sue are Walt’s neighbours. They are facing big problems with racism and gangs. One day, Thao’s cousins are trying to kidnap him when they step one Walt’s lawn. Walt gets angry and brings his gun, and scared them away. After that, Walt got the Hmong peoples respect.

Walt is trying to make theirs life better. He teach Thao how to behave, and gets him a job. He saved Sue from a gang. I think the Hmong people become the family he never had. One day the gang shot at the Hmong peoples house and beat up Sue. Walt then realised that the family cannot get peace until the gang is gone. Walt gave his life for the Hmong people so they could get a peaceful future. He gave his beloved Ford Gran Torino to Thao after his death.


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