The movie Spotlight is an Biographic drama directed by Tom McCartny and is written by Josh Singer and Tom McCartny. The movie is based on a true story from 2002, when the Boston Globe disclosed a massive child molestion scandale in the catholic church.

The main conflict in this movie is hor Global Globes work to disclose the childmolestion scandale. They work hard to collect the evidence they need. A big scandale as big as this, need solid and good evidence. They are interviewing some of the victims and collects evidence in the church. They find out that this scandale has been going on for much longer then they first thought and it could be as much as 90 priest.

This movie is well made with music and good camer angles, but when i watched the film i kept getting annoyed about how loud the background noises where. When somone where talking you could hear some papernoise as loud as the persons voice. Maybe it is just me, but i found that pretty annoying.

This is an movie based on a horrible true story. This movie is directed quite well and you really was touched by the story.


My Thoughts About The Movie “Gran Torino”

Understanding different cultures than our own can be hard sometimes. I think that most of the conflicts between cultures is because they do not understand the different cultures.

In the movie “Gran Torino”, we meet Walt who is an old American man. He was old and lonely after his wife died. His family did not care for him. Walt was very old fashion and he did not like all the new changes in his multicultural neighbourhood. He was racist against his neighbours, but when he actually got to know the Hmong people, he become more understanding about the problems they are facing. Sue teaches Walt about their culture and Walt realises that he have more in common with the Hmong people, than his own “rotten” family as he says.

Thao and Sue are Walt’s neighbours. They are facing big problems with racism and gangs. One day, Thao’s cousins are trying to kidnap him when they step one Walt’s lawn. Walt gets angry and brings his gun, and scared them away. After that, Walt got the Hmong peoples respect.

Walt is trying to make theirs life better. He teach Thao how to behave, and gets him a job. He saved Sue from a gang. I think the Hmong people become the family he never had. One day the gang shot at the Hmong peoples house and beat up Sue. Walt then realised that the family cannot get peace until the gang is gone. Walt gave his life for the Hmong people so they could get a peaceful future. He gave his beloved Ford Gran Torino to Thao after his death.

My Reflections About The International Day

The goal for this project is to cause awareness for the big oil disaster in Nigeria. Students will learn how people live in Nigeria, what caused all this and how we can help.

I chose to be in the FN-sambandet room and the sammfunsfag room. I was signed up for the Lab-room, but i was moved to sammfunsfag. We hang up some posters around the school to cause some awareness and inform the students of Fagerlia.

I written my name on a google dox document on the room I wanted to help in. For preparation, I read about what topics the room was going to have, and read more about the organisation FN-sambandet.

I chose to inform with a poster, because then everyone that is walking by will have chance to read about this day and the topic.

The process was that all classes got a list with different rooms they had to go to. We also had some spear time we could go to the rooms we wanted.

I think is good to have a day like this, because it can teach students about different problems around the world. However, many students did not go to any rooms at all. They just sat in the cafeteria or the library all day so maybe there is a potential of improvement.

The international day turned out to be an interesting day. I learned a lot about Nigeria and the people living there. To be honest, I did not do much to prepare myself other than read a little bit about the rooms and made posters. The leaders of the rooms did not need much help and they did not even know we should be there to help.

Task 1 Niger Delta Blues

The Nigeria Delta is a song about the oil disaster in Nigeria caused by the oil industry. The country have no schools, no clean drinking water, no electricity,  medical clinics or social services in most of the villages. Horrible disaseases like Malaria, typhoid and cholera are common in Nigeria.

Billions of oil money are pumped up from their country each year, but the people does not get anything at all. It seems like nobody cares. Nigerias women, men, children and
the elderly and weak are still being murdered. The world dosent seem to care about Nigerias cries.

Review of the documentary “Girl rising”

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to write about the documentary “Girl Rising”. The documentary is directed by Richard Robbins and was realised in 2013. The documentary is about nine different girls, which share they strong stories in the documentary.

The story that clearly made the biggest impression on me was Amina from Afghanistan. She is living under horrible conditions. Afghanistan is extremely men dominated and most girls are not allowed to go to school. Those girls, who do go to school, are beaten, shot or poisoned. When Amina was 11 years old she was married to a man for 250 000 afghanises (5000 dollars). The money the family got from Amina where spend on a used car for her brother. She had to give birth to a child at very young age. She was lucky to survive. It is unbelievable that a girl’s life is so little worth.

I think this is a good phrase because it is true. As the documentary showed, some of the girls who had the courage to fight the system did actually succeed and where allowed to go to the school. But it is also extremely sad that these poor girls have to go through so much fighting, just to be able to go to school and get their education like the boys.

Yes, I did. The stories that these girls told where so strong and unbelievable. The documentary made me more aware that people like these nine girls are actually living under so much unfairness and poverty. I really hope that one day girls all over the world will get the rights they deserve.

No, I cannot even imagine how much pain these girls are going through, because I have lived a good life with no pain.

The message I think is that we should never take anything for granted and that to educate a girl is an good investment.

Hurricane Harvey in Texas

The massive rain and the hurricane Harvey in Texas made me feel sorry for the people in Texas wich have lost so much. The streets is flooded and thosound to maybe so much as ten thousand people are facing a real struggle to survive right now.  But is this really caused by climate changes?

The hurricane Harvey was not like normal hurricanes. When most hurricane fades and gets weaker when they reach water, the hurricane Harvey did the opisite. Harvey did not get weaker, it got stronger and caused much bigger rain clouds and flooded Texas. Why did this happend? Scientists have theory. Normally hurricanes lose their power when the suck cold water from the sea, but in this case the sea water auround Texas was warmer then usual which made harvey to grow in strenght. . I personally thinks global warming has something to do with this, because hurricanes are happening more often and gets stronger.

Operation Day`s work

Operation dayswork is a project where most of the pupils in norwegian schools use one of their days to work. The money they earn will be sent to a country in need. Norwegian students have worked one day for Operation days work since 1964 and have collected a lot of money to people in need.

This year project is the horrible oil pollution in Nigeria. The oilspil in Nigeria have ruined the nature and poisoned the drinkingwater. People have no other choise then drinking this poisoned water wich is 900 times more pollutioned than what is healthy for you! This cause many diaseses and most people die before they are 50. Because of the massive oil spill most of the fish have disapeared and those who are left is polluted of oil. 15 000 fishers have losed their jobs wich means that the poverty in Niger grows fast.

In the video you can really see the horrible reality this people are living in. Oil is every where and make people sick and kills the fish and nature. Norwegian companies have invest in companys that did this! Its time we norwegian take our part of resposibility and clean up our mess, so the people in Niger can get a better life! I hope the students in fagerlia will open their eyes and give one day of their time to work for the people in Niger.











Hello,and welcome to my blog. In this blog i am going to write about different subjects and my opinions about them. Todays subject is the UN (Unition Nations) goals for a better world.

In septemper 25th 2015 UN sat 17 goals for the world. Each one of the goals has a spesific purpose for the world.  For example: end poverty, zero hunger, qaulity education and more. All of theese goals are of course importent, but i think qaulity education ist he most importent. Just think about it. To end hunger we need money and to get money you need a good job, witch means you need a good education. Thats why its so importent to get a quality education. Some of the reasons why so many people in poor countries dont have jobs is because they dont have money to go to school, or they dont have a school in their area.

To reach this goal i belive that we have to build more schools in poor countries and make school cheaper or free. To get money for this i the countries have to donate money to build schools. This is of course not easy or cheap, but it is very importent for theese countries future.